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Our Short Story

We are Bored Inc. a mom / daughter design team based out of Los Angeles & Zürich. For over 20 years, we've been creating cute, fun art to encourage creativity and imagination.

In 2017, we started "Dissent Club" to promote equality and inspire future generations by introducing them to incredible individuals throughout history with our Sheroes & Heroes collections.

Our Long Story

In 1998, I (Courtney) was trying to draw with henna paste on my hands (I blame Gwen Stefani, and being 15). It was really difficult, so my mom helped me to create a washable fine-point marker that could be used safely on skin and look like henna. Then, being convinced other people were at home trying to draw on themselves, we created an accompanying book of designs and tried to sell the set. It was actually a huge hit! Seriously- stores were asking us to demo the product and draw on their customers!

(We have some accompanying weird stories about this).

Pretty soon, other manufacturers were asking us to come up with designs for their products, and that is how our company got started. For the first few years, we only made artwork for other companies, but soon we realized that what we really wanted was to make our own characters and products. In 2001, we officially started Bored Inc. and switched our focus to our own artwork. We named our company "Bored" because that's how we felt about the designs available at the time. We'd just taken a trip to Japan and were so enamored with the cute, kawaii style imagery that was so prevalent- and it inspired us to create our own line of similarly designed products.

Now, however, our name has really come to mean something else. We want our company name to be a reminder that being "bored" isn't always a bad thing. There's so much stimulus out there that sometimes our minds, and especially our creativity, gets bogged down. When we're bored, our minds are free to wander & wonder, to invent new ideas; this is a very important process for artists. Given time to be "bored", we are all capable of imagining some truly great things!

Our story continues with the addition of the DISSENT CLUB line of products in 2017. After becoming a mom, and feeling gutted by the 2016 Election, I decided I wanted to transition a portion of my efforts into a different kind of work, thus Dissent Club was born. As a feminist raising a daughter, I want to create a place where art can feel empowering and inspiring, and foster a sense of community. ​


Together, we're stronger, and I stand with you in solidarity, hope, and love for the future. 

Thanks for reading!


Looking for our products out in the world?

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